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Lawn Care


Snow Plowing


Lawn care services provided for customers on a regular schedule or on-call basis.

Plowing and sanding services provided for customers on a regular schedule or on-call basis.

Trucking & hauling services provided year round. Typical requests include delivery of mulch, topsoil, sand, gravel, wood, pellets, etc.


"Thank You so much! What a joy to come home to find the wood *exactly* where I hoped it would be!  It's also really helpful for the Birds of Museum to have it moved. One step closer to preparing the way back to the museum property.”

Kir Talmage, Richmond, VT

“I found Corry Tatro (Texas Hill Lawn Care (802) 734-6982) on FPF and have thanked my lucky stars (and FPF) ever since. He does a great job, he is prompt in returning phone calls, makes time in his schedule, uses his time efficiently, talks to you about exactly what you want and expect, and his price is right.  Oh, and he is a really nice guy too!!"

Suzanne Hall, Richmond, VT


“Not sure how Corry does it, but it (lawn) looks better every week”

Lisa McGuire, Richmond, VT

Texas Hill

Lawn Care, LLC


"The Affordable Choice"

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